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I'm Bethany!

In 2017 I was going through a divorce and transitioning into becoming a single parent. Things were less than ideal in my world, and it’s safe to say that my self-worth meter was pretty low. We all trek through life with our “titles” (you know what I’m talking about here, moms!) Those labels tacked onto us from the outside world that -- if we let them -- begin to determine our inside worth. 

“Who am I, if not a wife?”

During this season of change, I found myself asking questions like:

“Who am I outside of being a mom to my smart, courageous daughter?”

“Who am I when I’m not at the gym?”

These days, I’m known to get so fired up about life that I can’t help but get swept up in an impromptu Insta-dance-party or two, but my lifestyle wasn’t always this way. 

Because I could now appreciate my own value, no matter the titles, life got easier.

A few words came to mind

A funny thing happened when I got really clear on who I was outside of those unhelpful titles; a whole lot of kindness and love began to pour in.. from me! I began approaching life with patience for myself in everything I was going through.

Radical change occured. I’m talking big picture stuff here, ladies.

Ready, set, go!






By making it a priority to work on myself, I began modelling the importance of a healthy lifestyle to my daughter. Now, while I’m getting my squats in at home, she’s right there beside me grooving along! #girlpower

And let’s talk about that full-time, 24/7 job of motherhood!

Fueling my body with nourishing food became intuitive. My stamina during workouts increased because it didn’t feel like a chore. I no longer needed to deplete my energy by working on my own inner baggage, so I was able to show up and be a pillar of support for my amazing girlfriends.

Self-love was a crucial turning point in crafting the healthy lifestyle I dreamed of.

So ladies, ask yourselves today: what’s holding you back?

When it feels like life isn’t really happening for you, but more happening to you, the only choice you have is to take back your own power and make a choice:

You can choose to love yourself. Right now. 

I’m here to help you infuse your own dream lifestyle into your fitness and wellness goals, and give you the concrete tools to build up your own little house of self-love.

I tell my awesome clients all of the time that, at the end of the day, singular things like a nutrition plan or a workout routine simply won’t get you there on their own. When you are honoring your worth by living a healthy lifestyle, everything else falls right into place.

I can help you get there.

You can choose to love yourself. Right now. 

Let’s get you approaching your fitness journey from a holistic lifestyle mindset rather than a daily to-do list. Subscribe for encouragement, workout freebies, and more!

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