With Self Love Mentor & Certified Personal Trainer Bethany Wolfe

Transform your body AND your life by learning to love yourself along the way.

Do you ever feel like your life is happening to you instead of for you?

Like you look in the mirror and no longer recognize the woman staring back at you.

Like you’re stuck in your “titles” (Mom, wife, widow, divorcee) instead of being able to show up as the person you really are.

Like you know something needs to change, but things feel so out of control that you don’t even know where to start.

Deep down you know those excuses as to why you can’t become a better version of yourself are only holding you back. You keep putting everyone else first and putting off the things you know you should do to take care of yourself. You know you can’t keep making excuses, and it’s time for a change.

You deserve to do this for yourself.


Sept. 21st

How would it feel to:

Stop going through the motions and start living a healthier life.

Take just a few hours a week to put yourself first instead of always taking care of everyone else.

Make a promise to yourself to get into shape and ACTUALLY keep it this time.

Love and accept your body exactly as it is now as you work to become a better version of yourself (inside and out!).

Have the guidance, support, and tools to finally make a change in your life for the better.

Be a part of a community of other women on the exact same journey to self-love as you.

This is exactly what you’ll experience inside the 6-Week Transformation Challenge.

Transform your body AND your life by learning to love yourself along the way.


This program is about so much more than transforming your body. You WILL walk a way with more confidence in your body, more energy, and more strength. You’ll also learn to love yourself at every step of the way as you build mental strength and confidence in yourself. 

The 6-Week Transformation Challenge is packed with self-love tips and mentorship to help you build your life by YOUR design. You'll walk away feeling great about your body AND with the skills, confidence, and strength to become the best version of yourself in every area of your life.

The 6-Week TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE combines fitness and life coaching to help you better your life and your health.

6-Week Transformation Challenge:

Here’s what you’ll find inside the

1:1 STRATEGY CALL WITH BETHANY to create your customized success plan for the 6-week program.

COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED FITNESS AND NUTRITION PLAN designed with you, your lifestyle, and your goals in mind. 

PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY with your new fitness besties to support you and keep you motivated to stay on track!

WEEKLY FACEBOOK LIVE WORKOUTS inside our private community.

GROUP Q+A SESSIONS to get your questions answered and help you stay on track.

SELF-LOVE TIPS AND TOOLS to help you learn how to love yourself on the inside and out!

There are only 5 total spots available, so get your application in today! 

The next round of the 6-Week TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE begins on SEPTEMBER 21st, 2020 

What to expect: 

Click the button below to submit your application to join the 6-Week Fitness Tune Up.


Once I’ve had a chance to review your application, I’ll get in touch to schedule a call to talk more about your fitness goals to make sure it’s a great fit.


If we decide on the call that it’s a, “HELL YES,” I’ll do a happy dance and we’ll get you all set up to begin the program on September 21, 2020!


We’ll kick things off with our first group “Get Started” Call where you’ll get all the info you need to hit the ground running with your custom workout + meal plan.From there, you’ll join the private Facebook group where you can connect with your new fitness besties.


You’ll continue to receive support and self-love encouragement as you kickstart your fitness journey over the next 6 weeks!



Only 5 spots available!

Save your spot before it’s gone.

Bethany’s uplifting spirit and determination was inspiring to me and such a blessing during a difficult time in my life. I wanted to better myself mentally and physically so I could better provide and be what my children need. I saved up, and for my Christmas gift to myself I started working with Bethany in January 2019. She was always there to answer my many questions (workout questions, meal prep, portion control, recipes, mental health chats, etc!) and she never got frustrated with me. Bethany is an amazing coach and a sweet, sweet friend!

Bethany took me under her wing and helped me become a stronger, more confident woman, and I’m so grateful for her! 


Before working with Bethany, health and fitness had always been a fantasy for me. After becoming a mother to 2 kids under 4 years old, I felt like I was less than other females because I didn’t look as good as they did, I didn’t have the bodies they did, and I just wasn’t pretty. I could think of every reason why I couldn’t be a better version of myself, and eventually let myself go completely. When I finally reached out to Bethany, my life changed. I’ve lost a total of 24 pounds and 30 overall inches, and I’m on my way to meeting my end goal! But more than that, I’m becoming the best version of myself. I’m ready to be my own role model and live a healthier life. I have Bethany to thank for that. Thank you for helping me out of the gallows and seeing my worth!

Working with Bethany changed my life. Best decision I ever made!


Inside the 6-Week Fitness Challenge, we’ll work together to create a custom plan that does NOT require you to go on a depriving diet or make sacrifices that make you miserable. This is about creating a plan that fits your goals AND your lifestyle so you can reach them in a realistic way. You’ll be empowered with the tools you need to continue your fitness and self-love journey for years to come. 



You need the customized support of a certified personal trainer to create a nutrition and fitness plan that will get you results and fit into your lifestyle. 


When you join the 6-Week Tune Up, not only will you get my personal support to create your custom meal and work out plans, you’ll also become a part of a community of women with the same goals as you to cheer you on and make the journey fun! 

fitness bestie!


The 6-Week TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE was designed to give self-less moms like you the strength and support to love your body, love yourself, and become your very best on the inside and out. 

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Submit your Application today so you can join us for the next round of the 6-Week TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE starting on September 21,2020!

You can get results like these too when you have a customized fitness plan, 1:1 support from me, and group support from women on the same fitness journey with you. 

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Only 5 spots available!